There is a fairly well established bilateral relationship between CBOO and the Bank's Management. Through formal and informal meetings, discussions and correspondence, the relationship is built and made result oriented.

Formal Joint Meetings:

At the Head Office level periodic joint meetings are held. Generally such meetings take place once a quarter. The Management team and CBOOs' negotiating team comprising senior Central Office bearers sit across the negotiating table. The larger issues raised by CBOO are discussed and agreements are reached. Formal minutes of these meetings are drawn up and signed immediately. Where agreements are reached, the Personnel Administration Division at Head Office would issue circulars containing administrative instructions/guidelines. Where agreements are difficult to reach, issues are pursued to find a mutually acceptable alternative through bargaining at successive meetings.
Occasionally the management also places its demands before CBOO for discussion in the joint meeting.


As per the understanding 4 joint meetings are to be held in a year.

Informal meetings:

Office bearers stationed at Mangalore regularly meet the Executives and head of PAD to brief them on important developments, to discuss individual cases and to give feed back. Management representatives also invite the office bearers for such meetings.
President and General Secretary regularly meet the Chairman & Managing Director and Executive Directors of the Bank to brief them on important issues.

Zonal level:

At the Zonal level, quarterly consultative meetings are organized. The Zonal Head assisted by a team of officials invites the principal office bearers of the Zonal Unit for consultation on issues in the zone.