Central Office


The Central Office of CBOO is housed in 106, Lobo Prabhu Court, Light House Hill Road, Mangaluru, Karnataka. The principal functionaries operate from here. The following office bearers work at Central Office presently:
1) President
2) General Secretary
3) Joint General Secretaries (4)
4) Treasurer
5) Secretary, Benevolent Fund
6) Secretary, SWASTI
7) Secretary, Balasubramanian Foundation for Education and Training
8) Zonal Secretary HO
9) Zonal secretary, Mangaluru

Staff at Central Office:

Central Office has three full time and one part time staff. They are:
1. Sri Ganesh Kumar, Assistant
2. Smt.Mamatha, Attender
3.SriJagadeesh KY, Part - time Computer Supervisor

Timings: The Central Office works from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM The full time staff are available in the office throughout the day; the Computer Supervisor attends the office after 6:00 PM. The office bearers, as they are serving bank officers, attend the Central Office after 5:00 PM. The office is open on all week days except Sundays and Bank Holidays.