Three tier structure:

CBOO is a unitary organization with a three tier setup.
At the central level there is an Executive Committee comprising:
a. Office bearers elected in the Triennial General Body Meeting
b. Ex-officio members representing the Zonal Units
c. Nominated functionaries.
The Zonal Committee constitutes the second tier comprising the elected Zonal level functionaries.
At the lowest tier are the Branch Secretaries working as the link between the members at the grass root and the office bearers at different levels.

Composition of the EC

The Executive Committee consists of the following functionaries
01. President
02. Vice President (2)
03. General Secretary
04. Joint General Secretary (4)
05. Deputy General Secretary (3)
06. Treasurer
07. Secretary Benevolent Fund
08. Secretary Women's Wing
09. Circle Secretary (6)
10. Assistant General Secretary (5)
11. Secretary, Balasubramanian Foundation for Education & Training
12. Secretary, SWASTI
13. EC Members* (4)
14. Zonal Secretaries (35)
(* Representing Chief Managers and Assistant General Managers)
Out of these, the members in theTriennial General Body Meeting elect 14 office bearers from 1 to 9. The Executive Committee nominates 11 office bearers from 10 to 13.

Zonal Secretaries:

The Zonal Secretaries are ex officio members. They are elected at the triennial general body meeting of members at every Zone corresponding with the Bank's geographical zone. For the sake of efficiency, the Bank's Head Office, Mangalore is treated as one zone with an exclusive Zonal Committee elected in the meeting of the members working in Head Office.

The Zonal committee comprises the following functionaries:
1. Zonal Chairman
2. Zonal Secretary
3. Deputy Zonal Secretary (2)
4. Zonal Lady Secretary
5. Area Secretaries (minimum 5 and maximum 15, depending on the size of the membership and spread of the Zone)

The current Zonal wise list of committees along with their contact numbers and addresses is given in the section on the list of Zonal office bearers.

Branch Secretaries:

The branch secretaries are generally elected by the members of the branches; where the members are very few, such secretaries are nominated by the Regional Committee.


The Executive Committee generally meets not less than 3 times a calendar year. The meetings are held in different places. The President chairs the meeting. The proceedings of the meetings are recorded and preserved. The Zonal committee also meets not less than 3 times a year. The Zonal chairman presides over the meeting.