CBOO has a fairly streamlined communication system. The system works as under:

From Central Office to members:

Circulars are frequently issued by the General Secretary giving information on developments at the Bank level and the industry level. Such Circulars, printed and serially numbered during a calendar year, are sent in the name of Branch Secretaries and mailed to the Bank’s offices all over India. The recent circulars are available on the website.Zonal Secretaries issue circulars for information of the members within their Zone.
Monthly journal titled ‘Officers’ Voice’ published by Central Office is another communication. This journal is sent to every member during the first week of every month. It contains information on developments in the Bank, Banking Industry, AIBOC and CBOO. It also carries views of the Organisation and its members on current issues.

From Central Office to EC members / Z C Members:

General Secretary regularly issues Circular letters to EC members giving information about the developments in the Bank. Often copies of these letters are sent to ZC members for their information.

Branch visits:

As a measure to reach members and get feedback from them directly, office bearers from Central Office and Zonal Units regularly visit branches. One-to-one interaction takes place in such visits.


Regular meetings of all members are arranged whenever office bearers visit branches/centres. Meetings of officers on training at Mangaluru are also organized. These meetings help the leadership to get feedback and also share theirviews on important developments. Members too get an opportunity to interact with leadership, share their concerns, problems and get their doubts clarified.

From members:

Members are free to write to CBOO on any matter – containing suggestions, and feedback, seeking advice, help or guidance. The letters should be sent to the General Secretary and sent to the Central Office of CBOO at the following address / e-mail.

Corporation Bank Officers' Organization [Regd.]
106, Lobo Prabhu Court
Light House Hill Road
Mangalore - 575001

Communication through E-mail too is open for members(
‘Members React’ column in the OV is also available wherein certain reactions, remarks and comments of members are published.